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3 Most Commonly Believed Myths About Vaping

Mar 20 2019 Tags: dubai vapers, vape in dubai, vaping myths

After smoking traditional cigarettes, a lot of frequent smokers have switched to vaping. Since the beginning of the vaping culture, there has been a constant debate regarding its impact on the body, nicotine strength, or whether it could reverse the smoking damage and what not. Although, there had been mixed reviews about vaping over the internet and in no time people picked up all the myths that revolved around vaping and e-cigarettes. Lack of authentic information led to the outburst of delusional reviews regarding the use of technologically equipped Dubai vapes and e-cigarettes. The sole purpose of this blog is to walk you through the three most talked-about vaping myths trending over the internet these days. Let’s begin, shall we?

  • 1) Vaping Contains Toxic Substances And Heavy Metals

  • John Hopkin’s study focused on proving that e-cigarette vapors were full with harmful metals that are fatal not only for the user’s health but for the ones around the user as well because passive smoking could be equally lethal. But using a simple study, it was revealed that people had poorly perceived the entire concept of vaping. Headlines like “toxins and metals are like kryptonite to consumers” which increased the fear of vaping in the minds of the consumers.

    Later on, it was concluded that Hopkin’s study used a wrong methodology to determine such results and hence one needs to vape over a ton of e-juice everyday to hit the highest verge of aluminum toxicity.

    2) Popcorn Lungs

    Popcorn lungs is a frightening health condition that damages the tiniest of the airways in the lungs and makes it extremely arduous to breathe due to the countless exposure from the products that are high in nicotine strength. The medical term for this ailment is bronchiolitis obliterans. Sounds scary and lethal, isn’t it? The proportion of diacetyl in cigarette smoke is way more than it was detected in the e-juices with diacetyl. Due to this emerging headlines, there have been constant efforts to eliminate that ingredient from e-juices. It is even banned in the UK which is known to be one of the most vape friendly countries.

    If popcorn lung is one of your main reason for not buying a vape, then there are a lot of great diacetyl free options available in the market. However, there are no reported cases of popcorn lung triggered due to vaping because there is no connection between the two. Also, Diacetyl can also be found in different items like coffee, vinegar, milk, whiskey, wine, and cheese.

    3) Anti-Freeze Myth

    One of the most commonly believed myths about vaping is that the e-juices contain anti-freeze due to the presence of Propylene Glycol (PG). This ingredient belongs to the same chemical family as alcohol and which is found in the medications, dressings, prepackaged foods, condiments, ice cream, candies, cosmetics, hygiene products, toothpaste, soft drinks, bread, dairy products, drink mixes, fast foods, and sundry other items.

    Unfortunately, Propylene Glycol is often perceived as toxic ethylene glycol, which is the core ingredient of anti-freeze. Non-toxic anti-freezes are made using Propylene Glycol. So technically, PG is bound to be present in anti-freeze. The sole purpose of using this ingredient is because it’s harmless and is especially useful in applications where using toxic ethylene glycol would not be suitable, such as the cooling systems of food processing machines.

    If you’re tripping over such myths before buying vapes or e-cigarettes, it is advisable to check how authentic these claims are and then proceed with the purchase.  

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