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All About Vitamin Vape & E-juices

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There are those of us who absolutely love using vaporizer and e-cigarettes and practically regard it as essential to life as water and bread! These devices don’t cost a pretty penny and can deliver some pretty intense thrills. Anyway, it turns out that apart from delivering highs that bring cloud nine to within easy reach to all and sundry, vaporizers and e-cigarettes also serve as a means by which users can get ahold of some of the vitamins and minerals that the body often needs.

Vitamin-based e-liquids and vape juices are easy to use and rather convenient. They are simple, inhalable and present a very attractive alternative to pills. A few e-liquids even boast their own disposable vaporizers, thereby rocketing up the potential usefulness and convenience.

Regulations Pertaining To Vitamin Vaping

Of course, the fact that greater numbers of the populace are consuming the vitamins and minerals that their bodies need to grow and flourish can only be to the good. However, the fact still remains that the FDA is strongly conflicted as to how this newfangled vitamin ingestion method should be regulated.

See, as e-liquid vitamins totally lack tobacco products, the FDA and other regulatory institutions cannot regulate them just as they would e-liquid and electronic nicotine systems that contain tobacco. How best this knotty issue can be resolved still remains to be seen, but in the meantime, vitamin e-vaping is totally legal and is something worth considering.

Vitamin Vaping Tools 

According to the law, vitamin e-liquids are classified as supplements. As such, they are not regulated before being marketed. As a result, any company that wishes to sell vitamin e-liquids can go ahead without fearing a ferocious backlash from the FDA.

However, the vaporizers and e-cigarettes that are employed to deliver the vitamins into the body are subject to individual review by the FDA, if there is a possibility that they can be used to administer nicotine through the e-liquid. This bottleneck can be totally eliminated by the simple expedient of the company behind the vaporizers and e-cigarettes focusing on the making of devices that can only be used with vitamin e-liquids. Doing this also ensures that the products of the aforesaid company will make it to the market faster since there will be no FDA regulations that must be adhered to that will slow it down. It will as well make the products of the company very attractive to those folks who are interested in vitamin vaping, but not tobacco vaping.

What’s The Next Move?

As of the present, it is perfectly legal to create and sell e-liquid vitamins, and the devices used to consume them, like Dubai vape. The sector is unregulated, though that might change in the future. There are currently lots of companies marketing all sorts of vaporizers and e-liquids that cater to every potential taste. Consumers are thus spoiled for choice and can easily find the perfect tool for infusing their bodies with vitamins that can give them and their tender bodies a perfect dose of awesomeness!

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