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Are Vapes Flight-Friendly ?

Jan 22 2019 Tags: Dubai vape, Vape Dubai, vapes in flights

Catching flights in the last minute can be a hassle and packing your luggage can be stressful too about what to pack, what not to and what is allowed on the plane. Vapes are basically a modern day device that marks as a great alternative to smoking tobacco. These portable devices are sold in a variety of different styles and sizes. The technology and hardware used in each of them are the same. They consist of a battery, a component where the vape juice is stored is a cartridge that vaporizes the liquid by facilitating heating and has a mouthpiece from where the user inhales the same. Due to the hookah culture that exists in the Arab places like Dubai and other parts of UAE, people cannot carry it everywhere. Hence, Dubai vape and e-cigarettes are a good replacement to such big and heavy hookahs. These vapes are superb in terms of built quality and are famous worldwide for its variety.

Vaping on airports and inside the planes, however depends on their rules and policies. Airports of Miami, Tampa and Toronto do allow their passengers to vape in the airport premises. But, can you vape on the plane? NO! You can just bring it along in your hand luggage and it's always better to check flight policies and rules before boarding. The regulations are made to ensure the safety of you and other fellow passengers. To avoid the inconvenience at the airport or inside the flight make sure you very well check the regulations.  

If you’re carrying a vape pen or vape cartridge make sure to pack all the related stuff in vape bags only along with an extra set of batteries. These batteries should be ejected from the vape and kept separately ensuring that it’s not kept near the magnets, loose change or anything that is flammable. If either damaged, defective or exposed to high temperatures, lithium batteries used to power vapes can ignite itself. Morally, it would also be an insensitive act given that passengers next to you could be non-users. Always pack the vape juice in Ziploc bags to avoid leakage due to change in the cabin pressure. You should never attempt to charge your vapes or e-cigarettes on the planes. If you do, you’re risking your life along with others who are flying with you.

You need to be sure about not carrying any of the legal substances including weed vapes. Medical marijuana is still an unlawful substance in the eyes of federal law unless it is legal in the state where you are traveling from or where you’re flying to.

In the United States, the Department of Transportation had already outlawed vaping in commercial flights. This ban came into motion on April 2016 and was applicable to all types of flights. As previously in one of the flights caught fire due to a vape explosion but luckily the situation was under control, it is quite evident what a situation it can turn into when you're off the ground and thousands of feet high. 

If you’re habituated to vaping or smoking, you can obviously make use of the smoking rooms that are made at the airports but by any means most of the flights do not permit smoking or vaping unless there’s a passage alloted in the flight for the ones who wish to smoke, chances of which are slim.

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