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The Beginning of Vaping Industry

Jul 10 2019 Tags: vape juice online, vaping dubai

Before vaping came into the picture, cigarettes were the only alternative. People used to smoke tobacco in pre-rolled paper rolls called cigarettes. They would smoke toxins released from the paper and tobacco all at once. But all that has changed today. 

Wonder where did this vaping technology come from? Well there have been a few milestones in the history of vaping and we plan to tell you a little bit about it. 

It all started with one man’s vision to invent an electronic alternative of cigarette smoking. Herbert A. Gilbert patented a device that proposed a smokeless non-tobacco cigarette alternative that could replace burning tobacco sticks rolled in paper. He dreamt of a hand held device that would produce all the effect of smoking but without the side effects. A 2017 study suggest that vaping produces less harmful effects than smoking a cigarette.

He designed prototypes of this device back in 1963 with a hope that others will realise his genius and accept the product gladly. But the massive tobacco companies were advertising smoking so much that Herbert’s ingenious device was sidetracked and forgotten.

This was the first appearance of vaping in human history and it wasn't a long innings. In a recent interview, Herbert felt that “Timing can be everything and i was years ahead of my time, and in the midst of what some might say was the most powerful advertising period of tobacco companies.” and that is true. If you look back in the day, these multi-nationals had no rules to play with they advertised cigarettes deep into our society. From film stars to politicians to rock bands, everybody who was anybody has been approached by a cigarette brand to advertise for them. 

After a few decades to tobacco dominance came the saviour of Vaping. Hon Lik, a popular chinese pharmacist invented the first nicotine based digital device in 2003. Since early childhood Hon had seen his father finish a packet of cigarettes everyday. He lost his father to lung cancer at an important stage in life.

Heart broken by this loss, Hon swore to get rid of this harmful habit once and for all. He tried everything. From nicotine chewing gum, patches to other cessation methods but he failed. But as they say where there is a will there's a way.  

A dream inspired him to forge the path of modern vaping electronic cigarettes. It took him a year to finish his invention and produce a stable version of his dream electronic cigarette. Once completed Hon started a manufacturing unit and marketed his invention in local China market. 

Vaping quickly spread in the west and is increasing becoming popular in Asia and European countries. Vape in UAE has been the latest country to accept this alternative to cigarettes. Ejuices in Dubai have replaced traditional hookah places. Ever since its acceptance in the United States many countries around the world have a new view of vaping. 

Modern vaping devices are a step ahead from Hon and Gilbert obviously. From ultrasonic atomizers to a combination of cartridge and atomizer together in one. To numerous new flavour to vape. We have come a long way since 1963. Today the internet hosts about 30,000 e-liquid combinations to choose from. 

An accessory, an alternative and a less harmful source of smoking, Vaping is an evolving space. New inventions in heating technology and ejuices are paving the way for a tobacco-free future it seems. Research studies are being conducted to evaluate this alternative constantly. With such attention from great minds all over the world be sure to see some new vaping devices every now and then. 

Vaping is here. And it is here to stay. There is no denying that fact. With the recent legalisation of CBD, vaping has gained parallel pace and there are CBD infused ejuices available today. Popular brands all over the world have gained a loyal customer base. Even in places like Dubai, vaping devices are being bought more frequently than ever. Vape in UAE has become the new thing. And ejuices in Dubai are ever increasing. 

So leave your reservation about electronic cigarettes and join the wave. Leave smoking harmful cigarettes and switch to vaping with safety.

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