uaevaping Best Menthol E-Juices for Vape Lovers to Cool their Breath

Best Menthol E-Juices to Cool your Breath

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You might think that menthol is menthol, that there’s just one kind - minty and refreshing. But the truth is, there are as many varieties of menthol e-juices for the vaper as you’ve never dreamed of. E juice brands are always on the lookout for new and improved flavors, and menthol has been often experimented with. Somewhere, strangers with lab coats and pipettes are coming up with fantastic melded flavors for your pleasure.

If you’ve ever wished there was a fruit-flavored menthol e-juice, you’re about to have your wish granted. Here is a look at some of the best menthol vape juice options available to the modern vaper. It’s a world of refreshing choices.

Cool Mist by Blue Label 

If you’re a fan of a classic smooth menthol that goes down your throat easy like a North wind, you’ll love the Cool Mist by Blue Label. This is the best menthol e juice for those looking for a vanilla flavor. You’ll like it if you don’t want any underlying tobacco flavors in your e juice. It’s subtle and light on its own, but it’s also a fantastic blank canvas for making your own e juice blend.

Island Frost by Grand Reserve

Grand Reserve has brought out an e juice that is not for the faint-hearted. If you’re looking for candy flavors, you might get tempted by the exotic pineapple, coconut, blueberry and lime flavors mixed in with the mint in Island Frost. But beware. The e juice may seem tropical and easy-breezy, yet it packs quite a punch. The hit may overpower the flavors, so be prepared.

Purple Tundra High VG by Halo

Halo consistently brings out e juices that are known for their quality. Purple Tundra is no different. It’s a grape twist on the classic menthol. So you start out with the minty chill that will remind you of tundra, and then slowly segue into a wonderful grape aftertaste. If you don’t want to taste tobacco, you can simply get the zero-tobacco blend and sink down for an afternoon with one of the best menthol e juice options around.

Subzero Salts by Halo

The high-quality Subzero Salts by Halo has an intense mint effect that is as strong as they come. The NIC salts version gives you a higher blood absorption rate, so this one is really for smokers who don’t want the hazards of tobacco and smoke. But the minty flavors combined with the strong throat hit will leave you pleasantly reeling from the chill. You can’t use this one with sub-ohm devices, but it will work with most user-friendly devices. Try it. It will be better than your favorite menthol cigarette you’re hoping to switch from.

Malibu by Blue Label

You can obviously expect some tropical flavors from an e juice named Malibu. And this offering from Blue Label may be one of the best menthol vape juice version of Pina Colada. This e juice is smooth, easy on your throat with its subtle menthol, and a pleasant, sweet aftertaste. It’s a perfect juice for a spring or summer lounge by the pool.

Subzero Ginger by Black Label

If you’re eager to try a fantastic new flavor in your favorite Black Label Subzero e juice, check out the Subzero Ginger. The ginger adds a pleasant crispness to the menthol that many will love. The effect of the blend is fresh, sweet and wintry, a blend for the connoisseur. It’s also available in a no-nicotine version, so anyone can enjoy Subzero Ginger.

Subzero Pineapple by Black Label

We’ve already got a pineapple flavor on this list, but Black Label’s Subzero Pineapple deserves mention. The entire Subzero line has some of the best menthol vape juice choices. Adding pineapple into the blend makes a fine tropical, icy juice that will cool your breath with a sweet touch.

This rounds up our list of best e juices for menthol lovers. The list is by no means exhaustive. We’re always on the lookout for more fantastic flavors to try and add to the list. 

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