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Vaping is fast catching up as an alternative to conventional tobacco cigarettes and is estimated to exceed tobacco cigarettes in terms of sale by 2021. Vaping is an Electronic Nicotine Delivery System (ENDS) in which nicotine along with other flavouring ingredients are heated into vapor and then inhaled by the vaper. Vape pens or vape mods are used to convert the vape juice into vapor and deliver it through the mouthpiece. It has also become easy to buy vape juice from retailers these days. What makes Vaping different from conventional cigarettes is that the tobacco in the cigarettes to go through combustion as high as 900 C to deliver nicotine to the smoker.

It is this combustion process that makes cigarettes smoking harmful as the combustion of tobacco releases cancer-causing tar and a number of chemical byproducts most of which are found to harmful with some even being carcinogenic. Smoke from the combustion of tobacco is not just harmful for the user but also puts at risk those who inhale second-hand smoke. Cigarette smoking is recognised to be the most common cause of lung cancer and is fast surpassing heart disease to become the number killer.

Vaping is safer than smoking

Some studies indicate that vaping is at least 95% safer in comparison to tobacco cigarettes as e-cigarettes do not go through the combustion process. It states that completely replacing combustible tobacco cigarettes with e-cigarettes drastically reduces the user's exposure to a number of carcinogens and toxicants present in tobacco cigarettes. Certain findings have established that in countries where vaping is allowed the smoking rates among youth are on the decline.

How vaping helps to quit smoking

The nicotine present in cigarettes is addictive, making it difficult for smokers to quit the habit, even if they recognise its potential health hazards. Nicotine gums and nicotine patches were introduced as an alternative nicotine delivery system that does not involve the burning of tobacco to aid smokers quit. Though these alternative nicotine delivery systems provide the users with the nicotine they crave for, it did not have much success as the smokers still missed the experience of smoking. Vaping while still delivering the nicotine emulates the smoking process making it similar to smokers and helping them replace the habit with vaping. The addition of flavouring agents to vapes makes it a better experience for the user. Dubai vape users looking to buy vape juice also have a number of flavours to choose from. Vaping is also seen as cooler to smoking and readily accepted by the users who want to quit the smoking habit.

Being able to emulate the smoking experience with vaping and being able to protect oneself from the toxic cigarette smoke is what helps smokers, even the most hardened ones quit it. Some smokers who didn't want to quit smoking even claim they quit the habit as they found vaping more enjoyable and didn't feel the need to smoke again. Vapes have emerged to become the most popular aid for smoking cessation.

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