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Does E Juice Expire and How to Check its Freshness ?

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Vaping is a massive trend with thousands of people joining in this experience over the years. Some aficionados are so much engaged that they tend to keep a track of all the latest developments in the market regarding vaping. Among the many products that are available today, vape juice products are supposedly one of the most marketed products out there. The sheer innovation in the taste, smell and other related attributes have led to some of the most awe-inspiring vape juice options in the market today.

However, most people fail to recognize the proper maintenance and care needed to make sure that their products serve their purpose through a long period of time. The proper care also ensures optimum product quality, thus enhancing the vaping experience.

Importance of maintaining vape juice product quality

Small habits of maintenance can make a great impact on overall quality. This includes making sure that the vape juice ingredients retain their prevalent characteristics over time. This is essential for users who tend to stock up on a variety of vape juice products to be used in the future. Vape juice includes a lot of many essential chemical compounds that ensure the specific characteristics of the liquid. Thus, if not maintained properly, it can impact the smell, taste, visual appeal of the liquid as well.

Can Vape Juice expire?

The question makes sense with respect to context. Today, almost all the e-liquid products in the market have a mention of the expiration date on the package. It is interesting to know that the FDA has no mandated laws to ascertain the mention of the expiration date on e-liquids. However, brands still tend to mention it anyways.

Unlike other food products that have an impact on quality over their freshness, e-liquids are much more stable products. They have a longer shelf life and sometimes, it can be said that vape juices can be consumed over their mentioned expiration date (although not recommended to do so). This is because of the type of ingredients that can maintain their integrity over a longer period of time.

Can expired vape juice hurt you?

Various established governmental and non-governmental institutions have recommended that e-liquids have an impact on quality over safety when consumed over the expiration date. According to Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), e-liquids can have an impact on the quality of the product which may diminish over time. Thus, the consumer may not expect the same level of experience as that of when consumed within the specified period for consumption.

How to check for the quality of the product?

It's hard to determine the quality of the product which may get diminished over time. Vape juices in Dubai are some of the best products in the world. In order to ascertain the product quality of such exceptional e-liquids (even from Dubai), one can look for certain indicators.

1) Congealing of the liquid: The liquid tends to get harder and viscous. This is a clear indicator that the liquid has gone bad and is not preferred for consumption

2) Odorous and pungent smell: Unless the flavor needs to be pungent, any other change in a characteristic with respect to odor or taste, should not be left disregarded

3) Unappealing to look at: Any other indicator that shows a difference in visual aspects of the liquid (compared to the ideal characteristic), should be taken seriously

Proper maintenance like storing liquids in a cool place and without any bright light source, can help maintain the integrity of the product. To avoid the disintegration of the chemical compounds, e-liquids should never be stored in a sub thermal condition as well.

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