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E-Juice Flavors That Absolutely Spices Up The Days Of Summer

May 08 2019 Tags: best fruit e juice, dubai vapers, e juice in dubai

There are some reasons to be thankful these days that have nothing to do with the contents of our bank accounts and fridges, or the impossible cuteness of our pets. Actually, the main reason we all should be dancing with glee and partying with full fervor is the arrival of the sweet days of summer! This, of course, means lots of sweet sunshine to warm the bones chilled by the harsh winter of the previous year and the enchanting sight of very colorful flowers sprouting everywhere and devotedly worshipping the sun god!

Now, during summer, the sun seems to work harder than a stevedore at warming the earth and everything in it. This can be fatiguing to our tender bodies and results in the need for some refreshment. Now, such refreshment can be obtained by turning the AC on high, taking an ice bath or refraining from moving around much.

Vapers in Dubai, however, are special folks who have a correspondingly special way of cooling off during the summer months. This way is by, you guessed it, vaping.

Yes, vaping is not as thirst-quenching as drinking a glass of chilled lemonade, nor will it replace the bodily fluids lost through the messy act of sweating and hoarse breathing. It is however fully able to provide lots of varied flavors that cool users down.

With that being the case, here are some top summertime flavors that help make the days lots more bearable and enjoyable, while at the same time spicing them up like a boss!

  • Slushie by VaporFi- there has to be something totally sinful about having a slushie during the dog days of summer, right? Well, Slushie by VaporFi has a berry flavor profile, a chilly colada base and a hint of watermelon. It is, of course, a rather luscious way to cool off!
  • Cucumber Pear Mojito Hooch by Vapetasia- Vapetasia apparently went overboard with this particular product of theirs! It is the ultimate in more ways than one and combines the delish flavors of cucumber, pear, and mojito into one marvelously sweet and chilly package that runs riot through the body system! This juice is incomparable in its effect and taste, has enough flavors to get a sourpuss grinning like a fool and is just perfect for making the hot summer days feel and taste rather special!
  • Mint Leaf By Pachamama- Mint Leaf is composed of summer fruits like berries, kiwi and honeydew, with a minty essence being layered atop for an added chill factor. The flavor profile here is rather mild, which makes sense for those folks who don’t need their taste buds and senses overwhelmed with all the subtlety of a bulldozer as other vapes are wont to do!
  • Element Watermelon Chill- the Element Watermelon Chill has more chill than a floating iceberg! It is a top quality product whose flavor profile is a skillful combo of mint and watermelon. Vaping this monster speedily freezes users in place!

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