uaevaping Are You a Vape Lover? Then Follow these tips & Vape Like a Pro

Feeling Lost Being A Beginner At Vaping? Let’s Do What The Pros Do!

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Dubai has always been a vape lover, but isn’t there always a first time for everyone? We understand how intimidating it can be to stand there with barely any idea about vaping devices, its flavors, a good vape, etc. when the regulars are not only enjoying their drag but are also absorbed in their vape talks. Yes, that’s not fair, which is why we think we might help you a bit to get set a correct foot in the vaping world!

There are three areas on which you may need to work to nail the vaping artistry- everything about choosing the right vape liquids, how to care and maintain your devices, and what things to consider for regular vaping. Mastering in these three areas will definitely make space you in the pro vaping league. So, we have 2 essential tips for each of the topics mentioned above. Follow them, do what the pros do, and be the vape king/queen!

2 Tips On Figuring Out The Art Of Picking The Best

  1. There are hundreds of e-liquids available in Dubai which entices you to compare prices and go for cheaper ones. We know this because as first-time users, you would only want to try it whether it’s worth sticking to or not. But if you won’t pick the best of the lot, how will you get a reason for continuing? So we suggest you choose the most reputable vape manufacturer for your first vape. And to get your hands on these manufacturers, you will have to look for the best vape shop in UAE where you can scan the myriad of brands.

  2. Secondly, it is important to understand the flavors. We presume you are aware of different flavors and have made up your mind on which one to try first. But if not, you can always start with the common fruity flavors or some of the best menthol e-juices available here. All we can suggest you is to go for e-liquids with lower VG ratio to have an enhanced vaping experience.

2 Tips On How To Take Care Of Your Vaping Device

  1. Keep your devices clean, especially the tanks, to thoroughly enjoy your flavors. Failing to clean tanks at regular interval of time may hamper the taste and texture of e-liquids. Disassemble your tank and clean it off with hot water regularly and use cleaners such as Vodka once in a while for deep cleansing of the tank. Also, avoid using citrus or acidic flavors in plastic tanks as they have a tendency to crack the tanks.

  2. If you don’t want to stand out from the regular vaping crowd, always make sure that your battery connections and coils are up to date. E-liquid build-up can disconnect your batteries from the atomizer. Use cotton swabs to wipe off extra e-liquid accumulated anywhere outside the tank. Always dip your wick in the e-liquid when you are using the device for the first time. Let’s just say that doing otherwise might make you hate vaping!

2 Pro Tips To Enter The Vaping Circle Like A Boss

  1. So the Pros will never be out of an extra pair of batteries. Yes! There is a fair chance of you sitting idle surrounded by Pros for whom died batteries is not a problem. So to enjoy continuous hits, make sure to carry an extra pair with you. Also, if you are at a vaping party where every other head is busy blowing rings, make sure you don’t run out your favorite e-liquid. Pros carry an extra tank of their favorite e-liquid wherever they go!

  2. Leaks can be annoying especially while traveling. If you want to go the pro’s way, keep a dry cloth wrapped around your tank, or buy a suitable cover that absorbs all leaks.

While there are a lot more suggestions, but we think you can hit it off quite smartly with these tips. Also, “where to buy vapes in Dubaishouldn’t be anywhere near your doubts because UAE Vaping is that classy vape store that we talked about in the beginning- where you can avail the best brands!

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