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Find Your Best Vape Setup for Flavor

Jun 06 2019 Tags: e liquid dubai, vape in dubai, vape juice online

People have different reasons to opt for e-cig and Dubai vape. While some people love the amazing vapors that they get to blow, others consider it a great alternative to smoking. Whatever your reason is, no one could change the fact that vaping offers much better experience than smoking. Besides allowing users to set perfect nicotine strength, Dubai vape has a plethora of E-juice flavors that taste delicious. Yes, that’s true! From tobacco to food to cocktail to fruit, there are countless e-juice flavors for summers that you can explore. In fact, vapers mix too more flavors to experiment with the e-liquids. Do you want to know how to decide the best vape setup for flavor? You’ve come to the right place! Let’s have a look at some tips to improve your vapor flavor.

Avoid vaper’s tongue

Flavor fatigue, also known as vaper’s tongue, is one of the common problems that vapers often face today. If you have used the same e-juice flavor for quite a long time, the e-juice will start losing its flavor. Besides, people may not like to taste the same flavor for a long time. You can easily prevent vaper’s tongue by switching the flavors of your e-liquids from time to time. For instance, if it is the fruit flavor that you have currently filled the vaping tank with, switch it with the tobacco flavor.

Airflow Position Affects E-Juice flavor

Are the airflow holes of your vaping device located on the edge of the coil? No doubt, the atomizers with such design may look a great option but when it comes to the taste and flavors, it would be best if you considered changing your mod. The mod that has airflow holes under the heating coil offers better flavors taste. What else? You can also opt for top airflow hole atomizer for the better vaping experience.

Select a higher PG juice

There are thousands of e-juice flavors for summer. While some are made up of pure VG or pure PG, others may boast a combination of both. It is essential to note that VG is known for offering high clouds benefit to the vapers but it doesn’t carry a lot of interesting flavors. On the other hand, e-juices that contain a higher concentration of Propylene Glycol have super delicious and interesting flavors that you may love to explore. If you want to get the best e-juice flavor, go for high PG e-juice.

Change your wick

Do not forget to change the wick while changing your e-juice flavor. Sometimes, the flavors of the previous wick dilute your new flavor. As a result, you may notice the hints of your previous e-juice. To avoid such a situation, either change your wick every time you change the e-juice flavor or get Japanese organic cotton wick to avoid any alteration.

Do you want to enjoy your Dubai vape to its fullest? Are you planning to explore different E-juice flavors for summer? Well, do not forget to follow these tips to improve your vaping experience. Good Luck!

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