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How to Fix Vaper’s Tongue and Get Better Flavor

Mar 07 2019 Tags: dubai vapers, tips for vaping, vape juice flavors

Vaping has now become a multi-cultural trend that has peaked in revenues in over the recent years. In fact, its popularity has even spread across the Middle East where people in countries like Vape Dubai community have shown interests in vaping as well. With such an incremental rise in the popularity and the number of people comprising the vaping community, the industry has flourished by leaps and bounds. However, vaping can be addictive too. And a lot many people face the problem of the ‘Vaper’s Tongue’ that has led them to not to enjoy their vaping experience. Does it occur because of the exhaustive E juices flavors? Or is it because of some device failure? This article describes the problem in detail.

What is the ‘Vaper’s Tongue’ issue?

Vaper’s Tongue is the dreaded experience for any Vaper who vapes the E juices flavors on a regular basis and is frequent in this practice as well. The extended and long exposure to the same flavors over a long time can sometimes make it seem absurd for the vaper or might also lead to a total or partial loss of the sense of taste. This is one of the problems that is faced by many vapers from around the world and even from the Vape Dubai community as well!

Reasons and causes that lead to the Vaper’s Tongue:

  • Overexposure to a particular flavor: Unrestricted and extensive vaping practices might lead to loss of sense of taste for the particular flavor.
  • Switching from Smoking: Sometimes Vapers that switch to vaping as an alternative to smoking cigarettes might find a partial loss in taste when vaping.
  • Taste buds damage: Sometimes taste buds might be damaged because of heat/cold shocks or after tasting some extremely sour substances. This might lead to a temporary to permanent damage to the taste buds thus leading to this problem
  • Medical Issues: There can be a lot of many medical related issues that might affect the taste profile. It can be stress, medicine consumption, illness, blocked nose, dehydration etc.

Methods to fix the ‘Vaper’s Tongue’ problem:

There are a few things that can be followed which might help fix this adverse situation for any vaper.

  • Change the flavor: A change in the flavor might bring in the difference. Or change to a stronger flavor profile (usually stronger E juices flavors are favored)
  • Using external olfactory shocks – This may include sucking on a lemon, smelling coffee beans, rinsing mouth with a mouth wash etc.
  • Natural recoup – Sometimes it is advised to stop vaping for a couple of weeks in order for the taste senses to recoup back again. This is certainly recommended to the Vape Dubai community that have increasingly been addicted to vaping in the later years
  • Ending Dual vaping practice – Specifically as mentioned above, usual vapers from the Vape Dubai community should also be recommended to put a hold on dual vaping practices as well (switching between smoking and vaping) and allow the taste buds to develop again
  • Visit a doctor – Perhaps the best solution of all, it is always advisable and in best judgment to get some expert advice on the problem and devise solutions

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