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‘Game of Flavors’ Continues- These Top e Liquids Sit On the Seven Kingdoms of Flavors (Part-2)

Sep 05 2017 Tags: best tobacco flavored e juice, candy flavored e juice, dessert flavored vape juices, flavored vape juice, menthol flavored e juice, vape shop uae, vape store in dubai

Discovering the best in the niche is pretty satisfying, isn’t it? It’s like you are directly led to the ‘Sultan’ without being stopped by the doormen. Our first part of the series ‘Game of Flavors did exactly the same, it led you the best of vapes in Dubai for three flavors to be precise. We promised you to come soon with rest of the aces in the deck which UAE vape shop is famous for.

We left off at ‘The splash of the fruits’ as a third battle, and we now have four more to cover. So, let’s continue the battle of flavors!

    1. ‘Tobacco’ Strikes

      The trends around smoking in Dubai are shifting, thanks to the tobacco vape flavor. The millennials in Dubai have become more cautious about their health and are choosing to vape over smoke and those who were smoking are trying to quit using the much delightful tobacco hits. While there is an array of tobacco vapes, the one that beats the others is the Black Note’s ‘Prelude- A Virginia tobacco blend’. Reviewed as the best tobacco blend that can be availed in Dubai by the verified purchasers, Prelude consists the purest tobacco extracts cultivated in the Italian Alps. We bet you might not find a tobacco flavored e-juice like this one!

        2. The ‘Menthol’ Keep

          Mint is a keeper. We pop a minty chewing gum and peppermints just to kill time sometimes. It comes to rescue us from sleep headedness, bad breath, bad mood, and every other thing. The vaping community strongly relies on minty vapes to add freshness to any hour of the day. With a myriad of menthol infused e-liquids at UAE vaping store, you surely will never leave empty headed from our site. However, if you are looking for the king sitting on a ‘menthol’ throne, then that would again be an e-liquid in a cloak of ‘Black Note’. Solo, A ‘Menthol-Tobacco e-juice’ from Black Note is the scorer here with every ingredient having a raw appeal to it. If you are not willing to add tobacco to your tasteful vaping experience, you might want to go with ‘Menthol Ice’, a flavor that’s dedicated to lending the freshness and coolness of menthol without any additional flavors.

              3. The Crushed ‘Candy’

                  Yeah, the Saga of Candy has definitely crushed us, but when it comes to vape flavors, candy does have a preference for many. If you are still young at heart and the child in you is craving for all kinds of candies, you can completely rely on our candy flavored vapes. Although we have rather a small range in this niche, our customers love ‘Bubble Pop’ the most. Yes, it just took the ‘Candyland! The ripening taste of strawberries and kiwis is coated with the sweetness of sugar making it an amazing blend that we could have killed for as kids.

                    4. The ‘Dessert’ End

                      And finally, the sweet shack of desserts! Imagine the crusty cream and buttery nuts encapsulated with chocolates giving you a dreamy drag hitting the right notes! Absolutely stunning, right? Hugely popular among the sweet tooths of Dubai, dessert flavored vapes are a must have vape liquids. With quite a big number of dessert flavored juices on the racks of UAE Vaping, there is hardly a chance of you not finding what you are looking for. But, if it’s the best that you are looking for, then go no further than Mother’s Milk from Suicide Bunny. An interesting blend of creamy custard that slowly takes you to the sweetness of strawberries while exhaling is a perfect way to start-revive-end your day. Yeah with an analogy that definitely raises inquisitiveness, Mother’s Milk rests on the dessert throne!

                      Can you hear the GOT theme music while picturing you between sheeshas? I can! Now you know the kings of 7 kingdoms of flavors which we expect you to test at the earliest and leave a feedback here. So, go, march to the best and take it home with you!

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