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‘Game of Flavors’ Is On- These Top e Liquids Sit On the Seven Kingdoms of Flavors (Part-1)

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Vaping has trumped smoking. Vaping has allowed you to chill with people whom you had not even met before. Over the talks of flavors, as simple interest as vaping has encouraged you to bond on account of flavor-love, or brand-love with people. Countless nights spent with friends, family, and sheesha may have been turned into a case of memories These are the reasons why we are called the ‘vaping community’, and we are growing.

Another community that’s growing at a steadfast pace is of ‘Game of Thrones’, and Dubai Vape Store wants you to get the best e-liquid to vape with your friends when you watch the next episode. Luckily, we proffer 7 different categories of flavors which gave sense to this analogy of 7 kingdoms. We have divided this crowning session into two parts for a detailed indulgence. So, let’s see which e-liquid bags the title of being the best in the first three categories- Breakfast, Beverages, and Fruits!

Let The ‘Game of Flavors’ Begins!

  1. The Call Of The ‘Breakfast’

Did you even know that breakfast flavors exist in the vaping world? It’s pretty amazing to get a vaping flavor that gives the aroma of what we have for our breakfast. To be honest, there’s only one breakfast flavor on our racks which is, by the way, one of the newest addition to our collection. So without any competition, ‘Looper’ by ANML sits on the throne of ‘Breakfast Kingdom’. Add this e-liquid to your collection and flaunt the aroma of fresh fruit cereals and creamy milk that this vape produces. That’s right, your guests’ mouth-watering won’t stop!

  1. The ‘Beverage’ Love

Breakfasts are incomplete without beverages, and if you are one of those who would prefer to have a cup of coffee much more than having a bowl of cereals, you need to scan the beverages section. Our amazing collection of beverages inspired e-liquids will leave you confused with the options. But don’t worry, we have picked the best one for you which happens to be an award winning blend actually. ‘Vaporfi’s Grand Reserve range has a flavor named Catch Ya Latte lends you the experience of sipping freshly brewed espresso that’s blended with the best of the hazelnuts over a swirl of brown-butter caramel. Sounds delicious, doesn’t it?

  1. The Splash of The ‘Fruits’

Who isn’t a fruit ninja of the vaping world?! Everybody is. We all have at least one fruity mix of e-liquid that gets a preference over every other flavor at times. Most of the options lie with the fruit kingdom and with that lies more confusion. However, everything has a best, and the best in the fruit’s vaping kingdom is Wild Watermelon by Halo. Tagged with ‘My favorite vape so far’ by a number of users, this e-liquid gives you the taste of ripe watermelons with a watery texture. Not so sweet, this melon inspired flavor’s delight has bagged the most likes from the vaping community.

If you are in Dubai from your motherland else where, or you are a resident here, you know where to find these flavors- that’s UAE Vaping, the best vape e-liquid store in Dubai. We will deliver these at your doorstep, all you need is to order! We’ll soon come with the second part which will let you pick the best in the rest of the categories, stay tuned!

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