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How long does a disposable vape pen last?

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The e-cig industry has boomed in the last couple of decades and its popularity has blown over the roofs. Vaping has not just become an alternative to the dangerous habit and its very contemporary, i.e. cigarettes, but it has now become as a symbol style and panache as well. The e-cig market has been growing in the middle east too, especially vape Dubai is seriously catching on with the rest of the world as well. The observable increase in its popularity has now increased its demand as well and this has led to a lot many options that are available in the market today. People are in need of knowing which all brands are present in the market, types of pen options available and also to understand the need to clean the vape tanks & coils as well.

This article strives to explain all of this in a short, yet detailed manner!

Types of options available – Vape pens Vs. e-cigs:

People normally get confused between vape pens and e-cigs, where some assume both the types under the same categorization. In fact, both these products are completely different and have different implications as well. An e-cig is an evident alternative to the dangerous habit of smoking cigarettes. It helps smokers to transition from smoking cigarettes to smoking e-cigs, a practice that is far less harmful than its contemporary. It consists of a look-alike model of a cigarette that runs on a small amount of current generated through a small battery.

Vape pens is a completely different product that has little to nothing to do with e-cigs. It generally consists of a tubular, cylindrical structure that allows the one who is vaping, the liberty to burn their selection of stuff and produce clouds of vaporous smoke as well. They are more customer-centric products which are customizable to a certain extent, and hence, is a symbol of panache – even in like vape Dubai.

Vape pen types and their longevity:

Vape pens are broadly classified under the disposable as well as the re-usable categories. The disposable pens are relatively cheaper than reusable ones. However, apart from the initial seed funding, reusable ones are preferentially more economic since it excludes the need to buy a new pen again, post its usage till completion. Disposable pens are usually preferred by beginners who yet need to have experience with vaping. It doesn’t need any charging and lasts until there’s oil that’s left in the cartridge. Vape pens usually come up with 800 to 1000mAh batteries and that is required to burn the stuff inside the cartridge. The reusable ones last for 2 hours on an average, while a disposable pen lasts between 1.5-2.5 hours in general. On the contrary, reusable pens take about 3-4 hours for full charging! It also allows cleaning vape tanks & coils.

Vape Dubai – an alternative and symbol of style:

Vape Dubai is slowly increasing and people can consider the multitudes of options that are available in the market today. However, it is best advisable that beginners are aware of the details, rather than being uneducated and harming themselves, more than doing good!

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