uaevaping Vaping Statistics: How Many Vapers Are There in the World

Vaping Statistics: How Many Vapers Are There?

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When it comes to using vape Dubai, the number of people vaping across the United States is as high as 40 million. And, surprisingly the majority of the vapers either come into the category of high-school students or adults who are either trying to give up on their smoking habit or can’t resist trying a variety of E-Juices. With such a vast popularity vaping has gained lately, it won’t be wrong to say that vaping industry evolved drastically in no time. In fact, the e-cigarette users in 2016 were 60% more than the total number of vapers in 2012. As a lot of adults are entering the realm of vaping daily, it is quite tricky to keep the records of the number of people using vape Dubai stuff. According to the analysts, here are the figures concerning the people that have already gotten into the vaping world.

Vaping status in North America

As per the 2016 survey conducted across the United States, there were about 5,769 adults involved in the survey amongst which only a 10% of folks admitted the fact that they have been into vaping or uses e-cigarettes. This 10% contributes to a considerable augmentation in vapers considering the former records of 2014 where only a 3.7% of Americans were addicted to vape Dubai. The reports further suggest that e-cigarette utilization status in cities like Canada and Mexico (though Mexico banned e-cigarette trading and consumption) is almost similar to the United States records, suggesting how quickly vaping industries are expanding with ample people using vaping devices on a daily basis.

Vapors to be all around the world

Like Americans, the number of vapers in Europe has also increased at a much faster rate. According to the studies and research, there has been an increase in e-cigarettes users in European cities from 7.2% in 202 to 11.6% in 2014. Contrasting to this fact, it’s quite strange to say that whilst the number of e-cigarette users went up over time, there was also an increase in people considering e-cigarette concept to be hazardous for beings.
Though analysts couldn’t predict why user’s perception regarding vape Dubai wasn’t positive, it is strongly believed that the folks who were into vaping were either the former or current smokers. And, transitioning from cigarettes to e-cigarettes seemed to be a challenging task for them, which made them consider e-cigarettes nothing but harmful content.

Vaping in Asian countries

Regardless of the popularity of vape Dubai across the world, countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam absolutely prohibited vaping products. In Asian territory, China is the leading producer of vape products and coincidently is one of the major tobacco traders as well. Recently, the selling, buying, consuming, and even possessing any vaping-related product is declared to be illegal in Singapore following Thailand and other Australian sectors.
Whilst vaping might bring down the number of vapers in a region, it also encourages the addicted vapers to illegally use Vape Dubai and E-Juices stuff.

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