uaevaping How to Clean Vape Tanks & Coils for a Better Performance

How to Clean Vape Tanks & Coils

Dec 13 2018 Tags: Dubai vape, vape in dubai, vape tanks, Vaping coils

Vaping doesn't feel as good as it used to? It may be time to clean your vape juices device. Vape juices leave marginal residues in the device which keeps accumulating eventually interfering with its performance. Ingredients like Vegetable Glycerin and sweeteners present in the Vape juices are known to build up in the coils over time. Coils covered with build-up become inefficient in producing vapor and in some cases, the vape may even taste burnt.

To get the maximum performance it is necessary to clean the vape juices tank and coils from time to time. Also, when you use a new flavor of Dubai vape juice you may want to clean the device to get rid of the previous flavor's residue unless you're up for some unusual fusions. Custard-flavored tobacco vape anyone?

Cleaning the vape tank

Here is how you can clean the vape tank:

  • Remove the coil and other components apart. Pay close attention to where each part goes to put it back together correctly.  
  • Place the parts under warm running water to rinse out any residues.
  • Dry with a paper towel and air dry till it is completely dry.

This basic rinse should be able to effectively clean a tank unless the device has some stubborn residues. In such cases, some extra steps are required.

  • Take a bowl of water and microwave it for two minutes.
  • Rinse the tank in running water and place it in the bowl of water till it cools down.
  • Now give the tank one final rinse and wipe with a paper towel.

Household ingredients like Baking soda, vinegar or dish soap can be added for deeper cleaning. Alternatively, immerse the tank in Propylene glycol instead of water and let it remain for an hour or two before rinsing again. Voila, your tank is as good as new!

Cleaning the coils

Typically vaping devices come with two types of coils, Replaceable coils and Rebuildable coils. Replaceable coil heads like the name indicate is intended to be replaced when it becomes too gunky to perform. If you still wish to clean you can let it soak in water for a while before washing it with running water. Now dry the coil head completely with a blow dryer. However, residues may not completely clear away even after cleaning and a couple of extra days is what you can get before having to replace it.

On the other hand, Rebuildable coils have to be cleaned at set intervals to get optimal performance. To clean remove the wick from the coil and dry burn by pressing the fire button a few times. While this should be able to get out most of the residues, if you want to clean the coil deeply place the coil under running water, brush off the gunk slightly and give a final rinse before dry burning the coil.

By properly cleaning your vape tank and coils you can extend the life of your vaping device and get maximum performance out of it.

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