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How to Use a Vape Pen

Nov 13 2018 Tags: tips for vape lovers, Vape Dubai, vape pen, vaping tips

In today's era, dabbing is gaining a lot of popularity across the globe. You might have heard about the technique, however, the blowtorch system is a bit complicated and severe. Plus, the cost of the entire dab rig station is expensive. Now the good news is: even without needing to follow the blowtorch approach, you can smoke dabs using your very unique vaporizer pen. Whether you already have a vaporizer pen or you’ve just decided to get a one from Dubai vape store, read this article to know how exactly you gotta use this brilliant vape Dubai pens to avail some exciting benefits. Here’s how to use it:

  • Learn the working of a vaporizer pen

Despite the model you’ve bought, all dab pens in common features a chamber, a battery, and a mouthpiece. In order to render the atomizer or chamber, you just need to pull off the mouthpiece from the pen. Once you’ve taken out the mouthpiece, you would spot a heating component inside it. The vaporization will happen as soon as the cannabis concentrate is warmed up to a particular temperature extent.

  • Assemble the vital accessories

The dabs you've purchased from vape Dubai should be hoarded in a smell-proof and an airtight box to keep up its fragrance, flavor, and power. For spilt dabs, it is highly recommended to store them in silicone dab mats.

  • Choose the proper concentrate

Now as you’ve got your dab pen, you need concentrates to load the same. Though any sort of concentrate may work here, you should aim to choose the best one like wax, budder, and sugar to avail better vaping experience. These smoother concentrates can easily be loaded inside the vape pen. You can get the mentioned and other effective concentrates at reasonable rates in Dubai vape store.

  • Load your pen with the selected concentrate

Put the concentrate close to your coil carefully and use the inner edge of the chamber to scratch off the leftover concentrate from the dabber. Save your dabber in a safety container to preserve your other tools from getting sticky.

  • Start Vaping

Once you’ve filled the concentrate inside the chamber of your pen, you’re all set to start vaping. To start dabbing, you constantly need to hold the ‘on’ button unless you’re done with the process. Note that the slower your speed of vaping is, the better rips will come out. Not to mention, make sure that the battery of your pen is fully charged to enjoy the best vaping experience you could have ever had.

Dabs are undoubtedly very pleasant to be tried at least once, however, the fact that dab rigs comprise a small amount of concentrate in it can't be ignored. You can get some exclusive offers on the purchase of these dab pens from Dubai vape store. So why wait? Get excellent Vape Dubai pens and don't forget to store the pen in a smell-proof vaporizer case once you’re done. It will keep the content organized for the next use.

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