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Is It Better to Vape Than Smoke?

Aug 31 2018 Tags: better to vape, Dubai vape, e liquid dubai, Vape Dubai, vape in dubai, vape juice online, vape store in dubai

Sure, vaping seemed like a ‘Fad’ when first spotted. Smokers assumed it wouldn’t last long and people would get back to the ‘real’ experience of smoking ‘actual’ cigarettes. Boy! Were they wrong! Vaping not only was accepted all over the world but it also made a reputation for being a better/healthier alternative to smoking tobacco cigarettes, take Dubai’s vape culture of the instance. But the question still remains - is it really better to Vape than Smoke?

Yes, and in many ways. Let’s have a look at the difference between smoking and vaping objectively and decide for ourselves -


- Standard cigarettes include the combustion of tobacco which accommodates hundreds of chemicals, 20+ (together called ‘carcinogens’) of which have a strong connection to causing cancer, heart and lung disease. Main ingredients of a cigarette would be Nicotine, Hydrogen Cyanide, Formaldehyde, Lead, Arsenic, Ammonia, Benzene, Carbon Monoxide, Nitrosamines and Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons. However, one main culprit in the process of smoking cigarettes is the combustion of the tobacco leaf starts the process of chemical reactions, which creates smoke which is full of the carcinogens.

- Vaping, however, eliminated the process of combustion of the tobacco leaf, eventually removing a handful of the harmless chemicals and their reactions listed above. Main ingredients of a vape would be Nicotine, Propylene Glycol Vegetable Glycerin Acetaldehyde Nitrosamines. With vaping, you can also control the nicotine strength, easily available at Dubai Vape Store.


- Smoking cigarettes have been infamous for inflicting material fire, resulting in a ban on smoking in public areas.

- Vaping has significantly lower level of health and safety risks. There have been a couple of cases of battery explosions due to unknown reasons but compared to smoking, vaping has proven to be a better option.

Cigarette smoking is now prohibited in airlines, government buildings, and almost universally indoors. Some countries have looser restrictions than others, but mostly you’ll have to smoke in a designated area while in public places. In such situations, Vaping is a good option.


- This aspect of vaping has been discussed quite often. The cost of smoking 100 cigarettes in a week for a year is 3 times higher than Vaping for a year. By choosing to vape, Dubai and other cities of UAE are making a smarter decision.  

Chainsmokers are also considering moving to vapers, in order to quit. In 2015, vaping helped 49 people a day stop smoking cigarettes. Technically, Vaping is actually vastly different than smoking. It needs long slow draws, which gives your e-cig enough time to heat up your e-liquid and vaporize it. When smoking, people normally light a cigarette and smoke it from start to finish, using an e-cig means that you can put it down after a few draws and feel satisfied.

It has been a constant topic of debate for the media and regulators, however, even they are not shying away from accepting it. Vaping is a recent development in tobacco harm-reduction and is slowly being labelled as a less harmful alternative to smoking by many users and researchers.

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