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Juul vs Vape

Nov 26 2018 Tags: Dubai vape, e liquid dubai, juul, Vaping

Vaping pens and Juul have both advantages and disadvantages that can be clearly pointed out. However, the US National Library of Medicine states “Not much is known yet about the benefits and risks of these products.” If you are considering to try vape juices or another vape Dubai products, this informative article will get you thinking about your perfect choice!


Being a highly favored device in the vaping industry and market, it is a slick and slender vaporizer that is most appropriate for starters as well as regulars. The tight and firm design makes it simple to both carry and use, where it has a plug and pod system. You can also carry pre-filled pods to make it easier to use. This manageable device is used by directly inserting a filled pod on top of Juul, and you can begin using it.

The most striking feature of this device is, in fact, the usage of novel nicotine salt formula in the e-juice. These nicotine salts originate from the tobacco plant, which can be drawn in a lot more faster than the regular nicotine put in vape juices. You can totally feel get a next level experience by consuming Juul.

There can be many reasons manifesting why Juul is so successful. But, the major benefit the salts in Juul give is that they do not leave you feeling sore in your throat. The perfect 50mg of nicotine used in Juul is also an enjoyable episode of pounding without any burns.

Besides leading the pod mod revolution, Juul was a groundbreaker of nicotine salts used for vaping. Pod mods are similar to Juul in many ways but better. Like the typical looks of an e-cigarette, having already filled pods yet yielding outcome as if it were vaping pens, and having top-quality flavor, Juul pods consists of a coil and 0.7ml of vape juices.

Vaping Pens

The name says it all: vaping pens come shaped like regular pens, though in different colors, sizes, and many more elements. These are e-cigarette gadget constituting a tank that can be filled again and a battery. There is a scale of nicotine strengths available on many stores including Vape Dubai.

Beyond Juul pods, these present you with two prime advantages. Firstly, adaptability is a key feature. With refillable tanks, you can pick your favorite flavor of vape juices over any other. There are boundless alternatives to select from and that too without much thought!

Secondly, the costs to purchase is quite reasonable in comparison with the vaping pods. Since there is a tank availed, your vape juices will last longer than a pod. They also come with restorable coils, that must be changed once in three weeks, based on your consumption.

Whether you are a consistent smoker of regular cigarettes desiring to transit to vaping lower levels of nicotine or a rookie in the realm of vapes, getting to know the ways to vape will lead you to a more satisfactory experience.

Juul is a considerable option for you if you think of yourself as an addict of tobacco since not only your addiction will decrease, but also your health will have gradual improvements. If you love a variety of vape juices, or even would like to modify your vaping episode according to your wishes, vaping pens are the go-to formula for you!

A third way, yet, is similar to that of the Juul and the PHIX. It is the blend of both convenient pods, yet they can be filled again. Refillable pods have a large success rate to yield a pleasurable and exciting experience. Examples are Kandypens Rubi, Suorin Air, and Boulder Rock. Many more can be found all over the internet with platforms like UAE Vaping, providing a “wide variety & authentic e-liquid”.

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