uaevaping Top Vape Songs Playlist For Perfect Vaping Sessions (2021)

Top 9 Vape Songs: A Vape Song Playlist For You To Pick From

Aug 06 2021

Want to amplify your vaping experience? Let the music play!

Playing a suitable song or call it a vapor song can make your whole vaping experience a joyful one. Don’t you agree?

As more and more people are engaging in vaping, the vaping community is getting much bigger by the day. Keeping this trend in view,UAE Vaping has selected a list of songs that make you sway to the tune while blowing smoke rings with your vape pen.

If you’re looking for the best vapor song from the list of songs to add to your playlist for enhancing your vaping experience, we’ve got you covered. We’ll give you the list of best songs that you could get hooked on while vaping. Also, remember these songs are subjected to individual preference.

So, what’s all the wait about? Let’s get started. Here is the list:

Suitable Songs For Your Vape Music Playlist

1. Misty Morning By Bob Marley and the Wailers

Have you ever heard of reggae music? If you have then you would certainly not miss out on a big name like Bob Marley in the reggae music industry. Considered to be the king of reggae music.

His song “Misty Morning” is the apt vapor song to play while vaping because of its jazz music and slow-paced beats. The beat is so light and pleasant that you feel you’re floating in the clouds.

On the other hand, its mesmerizing lyrics will take you into the world of philosophy and tranquility.

2. Get Off My Cloud By The Rolling Stones

This popular English rock band’s high-spirited song “Get off my cloud” is a perfect song while vaping alone. The lyrics of the song convey the love for solitude. You feel comforted and relaxed when you are alone in a corner vaping with your vape pen and listening to the song.

3. Writing On the Wall By French Montana

French Montana and other famous hip hop stars in collaboration have created a reggae kind of music that will make your chill sessions more enriching. The song’s mesmerizing beats and soothing lyrics are a perfect combination for your vaping sessions.

4. Stairway to Heaven By Led Zeppelin

One of the epic rock songs of a famous rock band. The song is considered to be the finest musical piece given by them. Set in the 1970s this song is a perfect companion during your vaping sessions. With a long playtime, this song will take you on a journey that will leave you guessing as to what took place in those 8 minutes. Basically, the song will immerse you in your vaping journey.

5. Green Grass Vapors By Angie Stone

This song’s theme is set specifically for the vapor community. You can relate to the song easily because the lyrics of the song talk about the singer’s vaping experience.

As the song is infused with R&B music, the song will have a calming effect on you. It will uplift your spirits and improve your mood. It is your perfect companion for your vaping sessions.

6. The Buzz By Hermitude

A song that induces energy and gives you an adrenaline rush with its EDM effects. This song makes you groove on the beats while vaping. The song "The Buzz" became Hermitude’s highest-charting song.

7. Vapour Trail By Ride

This song composed by a British band makes you feel blissful. The highlight of the song is the drum section followed by the strings. You can play this song while vaping alone or in a group.

8. Smoke on The Water By Deep Purple

“Smoke on The Water” song released in the 70s is the inspiration of a fire incident that occurred during the performance of this band in a concert. The perfect blend of the instruments and the simplicity of the lyrics, particularly the riff in the song makes it a perfect fit for vaping sessions.

9. Comfortably Numb By Pink Floyd

This song is a popular song that will take you from the pressures of life to a comforting zone. The 6 minutes and 54 seconds of playtime will leave you in a blissful mood.

Final Thoughts

Music lifts your spirits when you’re down and transports you to a comfortable zone. So, music is a good accompaniment while vaping. There are many songs that you can add to your vape music playlist but these are some popular songs that are considered a good fit for vaping sessions. These songs can be heard while vaping alone or in a group.

The future may ring in many other songs for vaping sessions that could uplift your mood as you leave smoke rings in the air. But as of now, these are the songs that you can get hooked to while vaping.

We hope that you enjoy your vaping sessions with these evergreen songs.

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