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Wait… Are You Using The Right Vape Tank?

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Dubai Vapers, are you all sure the vape tanks you have chosen are perfect for you? As all the vape enthusiasts might already know, vape tanks are a crucial part of the vaping process and it is inevitable to pick a feasible vape tank for a seamless vaping experience.

But does it really depend on the tank? Well, we think it depends on what you enjoy more! There are differently built vape tanks, and each of them has something to offer you which you may or may not enjoy.

The key to choosing the right vape tank is to know what different types have to offer you! Let’s see the basic differences in vape tanks that might affect your experience of vaping the best of tobacco, mint, candy, etc. flavored e-juices.

Rebuildable Vs. Disposable Vape Tanks

UAE loves to vape which has urged us to assume that there might be many fans of rebuildable vape tanks. However, for the ones who are unaware about the difference between rebuildable and disposable vape tanks, here it is:

  • Disposable vape tank is a completely assembled end product which promises a comfortable vaping experience, lower cost, but its limited lifespan might make it a costlier option in the end as you may need to change the device every 6 months once you start vaping frequently. So pick a disposable vape tank if comfort is your top priority.

  • Rebuildable vape tank, as the name suggests, can be rebuilt. This is a customizable option where the user can choose the parts of the vaping device promising an excellent performance. The drip atomizer, however, can be enjoyed only by those who have a profound love for an enhanced vaping experience as you will need to drip the e-liquid every now and then. But as this vape tank allows you to replace the parts separately, the cost can be considered lower than disposable tanks and also, these tanks last much longer. Pick this type of tank if you think a thorough experience matters more than comfort.

Top Coil Clearomizers Vs. Bottom Coil Clearomizers

Clearomizers are similar to a metal tube that extends from the atomizer to the air duct. Now, top coil clearomizers also referred as top feeders, are the ones which have their atomizers at the top of the tank. And naturally, the bottom feed clearomizers are the ones with atomizers at the bottom of the tank.

Now, the differences:

  • Top Feeders: The pros of using a top coil clearomizers include easier cleaning and rebuilding of an atomizer, simple refilling process, and commendable hits in the beginning. The cons, however, include weak flavor experience, more no. of dry hits, uses more e-juice, leaking issues, and the need to keep the wick saturated. If you vape to enjoy flavors, you should definitely give this type of a tank a pass. But if you want the flavors to have a cooling vape, go for this.

  • Bottom Feeders: The advantages of using bottom coil clearomizers include perfect vaping hits are consistent, no burnt taste as there is no need to saturate the wicks constantly, leaks can be avoided if done right, and amazing flavor experience. The cons include the need to clean often, difficult refilling, and often instances of flooding. Pick this if flavors are everything to you and don’t have issues with warm vapes.

Glass Tanks Vs. Acrylic Tanks

This is by far the most simple comparison and most vapers may have a clear idea as to what suits them. But for those who are still amateurs at vaping and have minimum knowledge of tanks, here are the differences:

  • Glass tanks: Made of glass, of course. From an extensive experience, we could say that glass tanks are the better performers than the plastic ones as they can handle all the flavors including the citric ones. But, if you are a dropper (heave dropper), you may have to sacrifice this enhanced vaping experience giver and choose the plastic one.

  • Acrylic tanks: Made of plastic/polycarbonate/acrylic, and therefore cheaper than glass tanks. If your priority is the lasting quality of the device, plastic tanks can be perfect for you. But sadly, you may have to give a miss to strong, acidic flavors as they get cracked easily. So, a bad pick if you are love fruity vapes!

Although this is not all, it is enough for a primary understanding for choosing the right kind of tank according to your preferences, right? Tanks alone won’t give you anything, so regardless of which tank you choose, you’ll always need e-juice flavors. Have you checked our mind-boggling range of e-juices? Check it now or you’ll miss the handpicked collection of UAE Vape Shop, the best Dubai vape shop in UAE!

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