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What's In Your Vape Juice?

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E-juice is the secret ingredient that makes the vaping experience pleasurable and authentic. You may have wondered, What's in your e-juice, and how does it make the vaping experience so flavorful?

It is the prevalent confusion between vapers. Answer from vapers gets more interesting, "It's a watery substance that creates vapours." But the real response gets a little more informative. So, let's find out what's in your vape juice.

There is no such conundrum behind the vape juice contents. If you turn your e-juice bottle, a list of ingredients in vape juice will be listed. Overlooking other chemical names and elements, we are left with a blend of four vital components. Vegetable Glycerin(VG), Propylene Glycol (PG), Flavorings and Nicotine.

These are the four components which are liable for vaping. Let's jump into e-juice ingredients and solve the confusion and help all vapers to be more informative the next time they enlighten other vapers or non-vapers about vape juice.

Vegetable Glycerin(VG):

Glycerine is a natural substance derived from vegetables and fats. VG is intended to create luscious vapor clouds for modern atomizers. It’s a viscous, odorless sticky fluid with no such colour. Mild sweetness is added to the oil to make is flavorful. 

It's non-toxic at the same time does not have as such allergic effects on the body. Till date, there are no such harmful health claims linked to it. This thicker viscosity fluid leads to more gunk up and clogs in the vaporizer. 

Did you ever get confused between different flavors? Its due to the added sweetness in VG, which makes it confusing to differentiate between diverse flavors. VG has the least throat hit making it ideal for less frequent vapers.

Besides the vaping industry, it is also the part of food and medical industry. Using it as a added flavor in some dishes and few medicines. You shouldn't miss an opportunity to taste the worldly flavors of Vape Juice in Dubai to taste the VG contents in vape.

Propylene glycol(PG):

It's more popular than VG, credit goes to the strong throat hit. PG is also an organic ingredient like VG, being colourless, odorless and its even tasteless. There is no taste in PG thus, it doesn't change the e-liquid's real flavors as much as VG does. 

The other point to look at is its light and readily absorbed liquid. Which means; the perfect choice for several vape juice and lighter liquid means less prone to gunk, keeping it clean and working for a longer time. This is also one of the reasons which attract more e-cigarette users to higher PG. It’s even an easy DIY pick for vapers who enjoy cooking vape flovors.

Have you ever felt dry mouth and a strong throat hit with continuous use? It’s because PG is a powerful humectant that results in a strong hit.

Individuals sensitive to vaping should avoid higher PG content. If you feel a tingling sensation in your throat or irritations on your body, stop using PG and switch back to VG. Try Prelude- A Virginia Tobacco Blend from the vape store in Dubai to appreciate premium vape flavor experience.


vape juice flavours

Flavoring, the component that adds delicious flavors to vaping. It’s the sole ingredient behind blending endless e-juice flavors. Vape flavoring is no different than food flavoring. They are derived from fruit or fruit pulp, spice, vegetables, edibles, herb, leaf, dairy products, etc. These natural flavors make the vaping experience flavorful and keep us curious to try out new vape flavors.

Flavorings are food-grade additives with a broad range of tastings. Generally, the food flavors are the oils made of food flavorings which are harmful to inhale. Avoid food-grade flavors and look for premium e-juice flavor from trusted suppliers.


Lastly, the fourth and final component is nicotine. The element that draws smokers to vaping club. The vaping is counted as the best alternative because it excludes the damaging impact of tobacco by satisfying the nicotine craving of a smoker. It even adds strength to PG and VG, providing a strong hit to the throat.

You should be very cautious when selecting your nicotine level. In fact, nicotine also has a flavor that you can taste at higher strengths. 18 mg to 24 mg is the best option for vapers.

If you're a beginner, you can start with low nicotine levels ranging from 3 mg to 18 mg. And smokers with nicotine habit can look for high-level nicotine and gradually decrease the levels.

How To Choose between VG & PG E-liquid?

PG is known for better throat hit and fresh flavorful blast, while VG liquid is better for less throat hit and thick vape clouds. If you appreciate thick clouds with sweet and pleasant flavor go with VG and if you want a powerful throat hit look for higher PG content.


This was it for, What's In Your Vape Juice? Now you are prepared to enlighten other vapers about what is the vapor juice and its vital components. Avoid using e-juice with ingredients such as vitamins, colouring, and other supplements. Look out for these four contents before picking up your flavorful delight.

Enjoy the versatile e-juice flavors ranging from creamy, milky ejuices to menthol or dessert flavors from vape Dubai and unlock the premium-quality vape juice.

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