uaevaping Why Choose a Premium Vaping Ejuice Product?

Why Choose a Premium Vaping Ejuice Product?

Oct 31 2016 Tags: e juice in dubai, e liquid dubai, tips for vaping, vape shop in dubai, vape store in dubai, vaping uae

Premium or regular ejuice?  Is there really a difference, other than cost?  There actually is.  The main ingredients used in ejuices are all pretty much the same – propylene glycol, glycerin, and nicotine.  But ah, the flavors.  That’s where the difference comes from.

It can be hard to tell what makes a premium flavorant, since manufacturers are pretty cagey about their choice of ingredients.  After all, that’s akin to a trade secret.  You wouldn’t expect a restaurant to give away the recipe to the most popular item on the menu.  Ejuice makers are the same.

That said, imported ejuices from the United States typically use better ingredients than the cheaper Chinese ones do.  They tend to make their own proprietary blends and create custom flavors instead of mass buying flavorants.  Because they are crafted with more care, they cost more, but they also deliver a better experience for the person vaping.

Something else that contributes to the premium price is the type of material used in the bottle.  Glass bottles cost more than plastic ones do, as much as 10 times more.  But glass is much more impervious to outside factors like light or smoke, and it doesn’t leach chemicals into the product it is storing.  Plastic can allow light in that can alter the chemical make-up, and it can leach chemicals which can make the ejuice taste off – or even make the ejuice toxic.

Glass bottles make it easier to cure the flavors in a warm water bath, too.  Plastic can float and the heat from the water can also speed the chemical leaching process we talked about above.

But packaging aside, does a premium ejuice taste better?  Typically, yes.  The companies that make premium ejuices take the time to make a consistent product, so every time you order that flavor, you know what you are going to get. Now, not everyone will like every flavor, so taste can be a bit personal, but generally speaking, the manufacturers care about what they make and they want their products to appeal to a wider group. 

Once you read a bit about the various products, you can see what generally appeals to people like you.  Some people like the bitter sugar flavors of caramel, while others want a cleaner sweetness like candy – and premium ejuice manufacturers get that, so they tailor their products appropriately.

Premium ejuices often don’t require that they are cured when they arrive, because that is all taken care of before they go on sale.  Premium ejuices often mean that you are getting a properly aged product that delivers on its flavor promises.

The premium ejuices like those found at Dubai vape are worth the price.  You get a more consistent product that is made with higher quality ingredients.  You also get a product that is great right out of the shipping box – no curing necessary. Getting all that from a lesser priced ejuice is much harder.  You want to be sure you enjoy vaping so make the investment and get the premium products – you’ll be glad you did.

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