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Why e-cigarettes are misunderstood?

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To vape or not to vape? That’s a question every smoker has been asking themselves (and well, to the internet) since e-cigarettes hit the streets a couple of years ago. Looking at the increasing use of vape in UAE and other countries, it is safe to say that people are accepting this change. However, there are a couple of myths floating around that can keep you from making the switch from tobacco cigarettes to the better alternative.

Let’s bust these myths and clear the air on e-cigarettes-

E-cigarettes are as harmful as tobacco cigarettes

No. How, you ask? Vaping eliminates combustion leading to various chemical reactions that are the biggest cause of cancer and other smoking-related diseases. With spreading awareness, various Dubai vape stores are stocking up -cigarettes due to the high demand.

Vaping Does not help a chain-smoker control the addiction

Wrong! The main idea around vaping is to be able to control the amount of Nicotine (which basically gets you hooked to smoking) one wants to consume. Stores selling vape in Dubai facilitates various flavours based on the desired amount of Nicotine. You can gradually decrease this level of concentration.

Vaping is more expensive than smoking traditional cigarettes

Na-ah! Vaping would cost you 1/3rd of what you spend on cigarettes yearly, given you smoke 5 packs a week. You could save a considerable amount of money if you switch from traditional cigarettes to an e-cigarette. Dubai vapers are indulging in vapes from a minimum to a premium price range!

Vaping is just for cloud chasers

A lot of people have the idea that vaping is all about producing massive plumes of vapour, when in fact the reality is that people mainly use e-cigarettes as an alternative to smoking and for no other reason than this.

When you start vaping you can choose a setup that is discrete or more powerful depending on what your personal needs are and preferred flavour, yes, you read that right. With e-cigarettes, your options are unlimited. Blend away!

With e-cigarettes, you don’t know what you’re putting in your body

*False!* This probably is one of the most popular myths used by traditional cigarette smokers and people who are unaware of facts pertaining to the subject of vaping. There are mostly only 4 to 5 ingredients used in e-liquid for vapes (subjective to your preference); propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural/artificial food grade flavoring, and nicotine, which is optional.

Except for nicotine, these ingredients are consumed by us in many everyday products like cosmetics, food, and drinks.

Bonus point: Vaping is suaver than smoking

An electronic cigarette could be a great conversation-starter. Since vaping is still an ‘under development trend’, people are usually eager to talk to vapers solely because of the curiosity.

Also, most importantly, e-cigarette smokers tend to smell better than those who smoke traditional cigarettes. In fact, nobody likes the reeking smell of cigarette smoke, not even some smokers themselves, especially the lingering smell on your fingers. A small lifestyle change like switching to e-cigarettes can help you enjoy the pleasure of smoking with no added consequences!

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