uaevaping 35 mg - Nicotine Salts for Dubai Vaping Lovers

35 mg

Save 9% Subzero Salts

Subzero Salts

An e-liquid that exhibits an intense, cool mint effect more powerful than any of our other menthol flavors. This nic salt version has a longer-lasting nicotine effect, low vapor production,...

Dhs 49.99 Dhs 54.99
Save 9% Torque56 Salts

Torque56 Salts

This powerful, unfiltered tobacco flavor is formulated for those who dare to revel in the taste of a pure, bona fide tobacco experience. A premium e-liquid, free of all the...

Dhs 49.99 Dhs 54.99
Save 9% Freedom juice Salts

Freedom juice Salts

Let go of your inhibitions with the exhilarating taste of Freedom Juice. This mild, yet extraordinarily enticing e-liquid is reminiscent of the essence of pure, first-rate Virginia tobacco with a...

Dhs 49.99 Dhs 54.99

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