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Black note provide a line of 10 premium tobacco only e-liquids that are all flavored using naturally extracted tobacco from around the world. The whole extraction process takes 6-8 weeks and involves a cold maceration process to extract the best flavor from the tobacco leaves. Ensuring no heat is involved in the extraction process, makes sure that the flavors do not turn out bitter and harsh. Instead the cold temperature ensures a softer more nuanced extract. You can read more about their tobacco extraction process on the Black Note Website .

For hundreds of years, the aging and extraction processes have been the essential components in helping tobacco achieve its rich, complex flavor notes. At Black Note, we use our own cold natural extraction process, allowing the tobacco’s natural flavors to develop slowly over a six to eight weeks period. Cold extraction ensures the flavors are never bitter, never harsh or sour and provides a smooth vape with no harsh “throat hit.” Once the extraction process is complete, all that’s left is the pure flavor of unadulterated, top-quality tobacco.” – Black Note Team







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